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Our Journey
Four different minds from different field of knowledge joined hands to create some extraordinary ice cream. Premium ice creams were something they all wished to create for a long time. The thought of bringing a new source of happiness for people was the reason behind the creation of this unique brand “Brain Freeze.”
Passion for Accuracy
Brain Freeze’s team dedicated themselves to creating ice cream that was like no other, with the smoothest and creamiest texture. After about 187 trials they finally agreed on a simple flavour based on milk and cream now known as “Malai Milk”. A perfect combination of milk, cream, sugar and heat made our very first basic ice cream.
Handcrafted with High Standards
100% milk and cream are what our ice creams are made of. Every ingredient is selected carefully and processed at our factory by experts. Each flavour is given special attention as each of them has a handcrafted unique base. We believe that everyone deserves the best quality and fulfilling ice creams with real and high-quality ingredients.
Devoted to creativity
With the pledge to make premium and filling ice cream, creativity is our key. From ice creams to desserts all our products are conceptualised. Alphabetical ice creams to Emoji shakes all the products are created on a theme. You can create your own masterpiece through the customisable range of products like Buzz My Bar and Waffles.
Source of Happiness
Brain Freeze, the name itself tells you to freeze in the moment. The sole purpose of our team is to freeze your mind in a happy place. We have everything for your every mood. When it comes to serving ice cream we don’t just scoop or hand it out, we like to serve it with the same excitement as we make it. Our motive is to make Brain Freeze your happy place.


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Let’s grow together and Spread the Happiness via ice cream and desserts.